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Chinese New Year also referred to as Festival of Spring is a holiday with 4000 years history. It is the greatest and the most important every-year event for Chinese people. In 2018 Year of the Dog will be celebrated in compliance with Chinese horoscope on February 16.

Celebrating Chinese New Year we strive not only to treat Chinese traditions with special care, but also to combine cultural heritage of two great countries — China and Russia. Tourists from The Heavenly Empire are extremely important for GUM, Chinese tourists in particular visit our stores and buy various products more often that other foreign guests. Despite the incredibly rapid expansion of China, many people are still not acquainted with Chinese culture and the perception of this country is highly clichés. Celebrating Chinese New Year in GUM, we will present not only to Moscow and Russia, but also to the whole world that China is represented not only by means of traditional red lanterns, dance of the dragon and exquisite tea ceremony, but it has rich modern culture.

Our guests will have the chance to discover art of young Chinese artists, photographers and dancers, and in addition to that they will see extraordinaire work of talented Chinese chief cook possessing 3 Michelin stars. He is preparing large number of culinary surprising delights.

Festival program
Period Events
8 - 28 February
  • Concept decoration of GUM by the artist Jacky Tsai
  • Chinese gastronomic festival
  • Chinese Cultural center. Exhibition on GUM lines «Great Silk Way»
  • Condé Nast Traveler China. Photo Exhibition on GUM lines «Contemporary China»
  • Everyday performances on GUM lines: «Lion dance», «Dragon dance», «Change of masks»
12 February - 11 March Individual exhibition of Jacky Tsai art works in ММОМА
8 - 13 February & 15 - 21 February Cinema club in GUM Cinema – watching and discussing of Chinese movies
8 - 28 February
Visionary GUM decoration by artist Jacky Tsai

On the occasion of the festival, one of the most famous contemporary Chinese artists Jacky Tsai created installations for GUM passage lines uniting elements of Chinese and Russian cultures. Jacky Tsai combines elements of converse western pop-art and eastern painting and he is perhaps best known as the creator behind British fashion designer Alexander McQueen’s iconic floral skull. The artist presented in GUM collection of his art works including two exclusive paintings made on the special occasion of the festival.

GUM, all lines

8 - 28 February
Exhibition «Great Silk Way»

Embroidery is one of the most ancient ornamental arts of the Heavenly Empire originated more than 3000 ago. Changing light dependant on the illumination, transparent and floating embroidery with water-color transition of light has been highly appreciated at the court of the emperor and in aristocratic families. Several popular genres are presented on our exhibition: traditional huan («flowers-birds»), Shanshui («mountains-water») and scenes from court life, as well as portraits and perspective landscape painting inspired by western painting.

GUM, 3rd line

8 - 28 February
Photo Exhibition «China New 100»

Photo images made by photographers of reputable printing edition Condé Nast Traveler China will allow you to see contemporary and rapidly expanding China. Photographs will not only represent atmosphere of the Heavenly Empire, but also inspire our guests to travel and see its spectacular sights with their own eyes.

GUM, 1st line

8 - 28 February
Chinese artists performance: «Dance of the Lion», «Dance of the Dragon», «Change of masks»

Guests of the festival can enjoy spectacular traditional Chinese performances, and Dance of the Dragon is considered to be the most important moment of world-wide celebration of Chinese New Year.

GUM, all lines

12 February - 11 March
Solo exhibition of Jacky Tsai in Moscow museum of modern art, 10

MMMA on Gogolevskiy boulevard.

Welcome to the festival "Chinese New Year in GUM"!
For more information about the festival, please call +7 (495) 788-43-43
109012 Москва Красная площадь, 3
8 (800) 700-28-28 internetboutique@gum.ru