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GUM is open daily from 10:00 to 22:00
Single Enquiry Service: +7 (495) 788-4343 | info@gum.ru
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Daily from 10:00 to 22:00
+7 (495) 788-4343 info@gum.ru
Phone: +7 (495) 620-3062
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Cinema Location
About the cinema
Cinema in GUM is a chamber theatre showing movies in three different halls. Its architecture project was designed especially for GUM and offers classic theatre décor combined with the most advanced acoustics standards.
GUM cinema retains GUM historic architecture. There are moldings in the early XX century’s style on the ceiling and those famous crystal chandeliers. We have refurbished and treated the chandeliers with a special varnish: the crystals should not clink at high or low sounds. Oversized windows overlook the Vetoshny lane and velvet layered curtains are drawn over them when the screening begins. The inner layer is made of a special fireproof fabric and improves the sound. As for the outer layer, it makes the hall look more theatrical & solemn.
The cinema features the most advanced digital and acoustics systems. A wide screen of 6.5×4 meters is placed at a calculated distance that prevents the first row visitors’ eyes from fatigue by the end of the movie. Mikhail Lane, the head of acoustics lab of the Moscow Research and Project Institute for culture, rest, sport and public health helped us to arrange the space and chose the technical systems within the project.
There are three halls in GUM cinema: large (70 seats), children (20 seats) and VIP-hall (16 seats). The large hall does not have those ordinary tip-up seats, but spacious and soft velvet armchairs. Children hall is about cozy beanbags which allow boys and girls feel more than comfortable fidgeting on them. The VIP-hall provides wide velvet sofas for three people. Soft blankets are provided in winter time. Also, you can use our bar located right in the VIP-hall.
GUM cinema does not depend on any distribution network. That is why our movie schedule differs completely. We show premieres, classic Soviet and foreign movies, retrospectives of the well-known directors and blockbusters of the recent years. Kids can watch favorite animated cartoons and adventure movies all year round.

109012 Москва Красная площадь, 3
8 (800) 700-28-28 internetboutique@gum.ru